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Meals Served











Low-cost nutritious meal: 

Club Sandwich 


   Sandwich with red & green peppers,  onions,  lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers,

Swiss American cheese & provolone cheese on white roll (350-1100 Cal.)




7863 Callaghan Rd, Unit 208,

San Antonio, TX 78229

(210) 593-0032

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Low-cost nutritious meal: 

Ham Sandwich 

Black Forest Ham sandwich is classic. Just add your own flavor. It comes on freshly baked bread with plenty of crisp veggies as well (below 400 Cal.)




150 N. FM Loop 1604 West

San Antonio, TX 78248

(210) 493-9688

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Low-cost nutritious meal:

Cold Cut Combo Sandwich


The Cold Cut Combo sandwich with ham, salami, and bologna (all turkey based) is a long-time Subway® favorite. Yeah. It's that good.



1803 Vance Jackson,

San Antonio, TX 78213

(210) 738-8054

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2332 N St Mary's St,

San Antonio, TX 78212

(210) 821-5371

Low-cost nutritious meal:

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Freshly packed Ham and Cheese Sandwich

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