Millions of people sleep hungry every night. Our Mission is to provide food for the hungry. We have partnered with restaurants all across Texas that are willing to produce simple meals at a reduced cost specifically for the cause. This website allows you to be a part of the journey by choosing to donate to a restaurant of your choice under their description located on their city’s page or to the cause under this message and we will decide which restaurant will receive the donation. Take a moment to make a charitable donation and bring a smile to someone’s face. Check out our blogs to see the most recent updates on Dream Donations.


Meals Served



How does it work?


We talk to restaurants willing to make meals at a reduced cost and advertise them on our website


Donors come to our website and donate to a restaurant of their choice or to the cause


Restaurants make meals using the money donated


Volunteers pick up the meals from the restaurant to transport


Volunteers give the meals to people in need