Our Story

The founder is Rishabh Jain (left) and the cofounder is Aruj Khater (right). We are two young social entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in the world. We both have parents that are entrepreneurs and it inspired us to do something of our own. One day in April of 2019, we were driving around San Antonio and we saw a group of homeless people on the street. We only had a few dollars in the car, so we gave all we could to them. We realized that these people rely on the few dollars  to survive and we wanted to do something for them, so we created Dream Donations (TEXAS Nonprofit and 501(c)(3)). We got excess food from restaurants and took it to the homeless to reduce food waste as well as provide for the homeless. In early 2020, COVID-19 made its stance on the world. It created a declining economy, people were losing jobs, and people couldn’t go near each other due to social distancing. These issues made Dream Donations struggle and so we decided to pivot and still help the community. Restaurants were hit hard due to the pandemic, so we decided to help our local restaurants come back from the economic downturn and to continue providing food for people in need by paying the restaurants a negotiated price for them to produce meals. This website gives free advertisement to any restaurant who decides that they would be willing to provide low cost meals for the under privileged population. We work with restaurants and shelters all across Texas to feed the homeless and we won’t stop until there are no more people sleeping hungry on the planet.