Frequently asked questions

Q: Who gets the low-cost meals that I pay for?

A: All of the meals will be picked up by volunteers and taken to different places where the homeless may stay.

Q: Will I receive acknowledgement for paying for low-cost meals?

A: Yes, each donor will be recognized by their corresponding name on gofundme along with the amount being donated.

Q: Can I pay for low-cost meals for myself, my family and my friends?

A: No, you cannot pay for your own meal. All the money being donated will go through a gofundme and given to restaurant. The meals prepared by the restaurants will be transported to a specific homeless hub.

Q: Are these low-cost meals also offered on the restaurant’s regular menu?

A: Yes and no. For some restaurants, these are new culinary creations provided by the restaurants to serve the front line workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. And for other restaurants it is from their original menu. Currently, the restaurants have given meals directly from their menu.

Q: Who are the organizers of this website? Are they making a profit? Are they charging a service fee to the restaurant?

A: The organizers are two high school students (Rishabh Jain and Aruj Khater) based in San Antonio, Texas. The two students wish to serve their community as problem-solvers, convinced that young people are under-estimated for their capacity to solve problems in their communities. They are not making a profit from this service and they charge no fees to the restaurants or anyone else that uses this service.

Q: What happens to the money I pay for the meals? Does the price advertised on this website reflect the true cost of preparing the low-cost meal by the restaurant?

A: Visitors to this website donate for the cause to restaurants of their choice or the general cause and we pick a restaurant, so all of the money is going to the restaurants. This website does not handle any money transactions and charges no fees whatsoever, but it links to a gofundme and money will be given to the restaurant in the form of a check. Each participating restaurant sets the price for one serving of their low-cost meal. This price reflects any subsidies that the restaurant is willing to make to keep the price as low as possible. So the price may actually be lower than the true cost to the restaurant of providing the low-cost meal.

Q: How much in advance do I need to pay for the meal to have it ready for the targeted members?

A: Most runs are done in the weekend. We would recommend the donations to be submitted as early as possible, so the restaurants can have time to make the appropriate amount of meals which could go up to as much as 200 meals in one serving.

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